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Ever since I was little people said I seem mean. I didn’t know why but, I figured out I have a resting B*tch face :/ I can’t help it that its like that! Haha, I didn’t notice till someone said something cause usually I think I’m all :D! Guess it’s just my Indian look. I hope my niece that looks exactly like me doesn’t have to go through that.

I thought you were straight up evil upon the first viewing of your perfecto face. Turns out you were just awesome. I wouldn’t be the person I was today without you :(

Saturnina Shepard!

The beautiful skin texture, eyelashes (and I think the hair too) is from the fabu giantmudcrab.tumblr.com


ME3 Custom Face Texture #4


So my brother futurecoolin just copped the game Destiny last week and watching him play i’ve noticed the game looks really cool.

One of the things I really like is the diversity in the game cast as well as the types of characters you can make.

The top image is the Warlock Vanguard- Ikora Rey voiced by Gina Torres btw and the other two are characters he made using their character customization feature. 

Though the customization is a bit limited at the moment it still has some really nice variations of facial features and skin tones which makes it possible to make a character that looks black. I dig that quite a bit. 

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me getting onto tumblr in the morning

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Danica Williams is the FLASH

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